The Three Castles of Lassay Part One…

The chateau of Bois Thibault can be found on the Western road out of Lassay-les-Chateaux. It sits on a low ridge with views to the North and West, toward Brittany and Normandy. It’s a strategic border position but what is fascinating is that it is just one of three castles in the same town.

There was a castle raised on the current site of Bois Thibault in the 1100s, rebuilt in the 1400s it was a regular target for English raids. In the 1700s the owners had the idea that it could be redesigned to echo the elegant chateaus of the Loire and large windows were installed to let in light.

Unfortunately, due to debts, the fancy stonework surrounds for the new windows had to be sold off. The twenty-nine fireplaces grew cold and by 1920 the castle’s roof had disappeared and the remaining stone towers all but disappeared under bramble.

Today Bois Thibault is maintained by an association culturel, and in happier times the vaulted cellars are used for events. At weekends there are tours, and in the summer we hope there will be much more going on. Meanwhile I shall spend some time researching the rumours that Sir Lancelot received hospitality here…

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