Mandorlinfiore is an episodic historical fantasy inspired by both the extraordinary wealth of Italian folk tales and the beautiful granite mountain island of Corsica. There is nowhere on earth quite as beautiful, or spooky, as Corsica. Wherever you go there is evidence of struggle, from the tall houses of Sartene with their doors set fifteen feet above street level to deter pirates, to the bullet sprayed road sign indicating the Mayor’s office.

Mountain Town of Sartene, Corsica

Mountain Town of Sartene, Corsica

The interior of Corsica is dominated by high passes and huge rocky outcrops.

The Mountains surrounding Zonza

The Mountains surrounding Zonza

The beaches are incredible, white sand and sparkling clear water.

Rondinaria Beach, Corsica

Rondinaria Beach, Corsica

Corsica is where I have set my story of Mandorlinfiore, the fisherman’s son destined for greatness. It is the story of fate, and how it cannot be escaped! This telling of the story stretches the original (from Abruzzo) to encompass all manner of additional traditional tales, including the King of the Animals, The Moor, the Wizards and Witches known as the Mazerre, Dragons, Mustachio’d Bandits, Dryads, a White Hart and a circus.

Edited over years of development I am now pleased to say that a full draft of all 100 chapters has been collated, revised and sent again to a small selection of literary agents. Wish me luck!


2 Responses to Mandorlinfiore…

  1. Mandorlinfiore is a great book, and I am reading it chapter by chapter to send to my granddaughter in South Africa (I am in Germany). In reading it I notice that you frequently refer to Mandorlinfiore’s brother as Mandorlinfiore (see chapter 67). Very confusing, as I keep forgetting his name and have to hunt back for it!

    Good luck with your book.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I found the same problem in chapter 70. I am now updating both the ebook and the paperback before the next free book Friday ebook giveaway on the 7th may. Thanks for reading and apologies for the error…

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