Sunny Sussex by the Sea!

Royal holiday home the Brighton Pavilion in the subshine

What an incredible weekend to arrive in this exotic gilded location, the grass was parched, and the air was dry, and the tourists were out in force. Under the trees a student was sitting cross-legged, carefully committing the Brighton Pavilion to paper with fine line pens. I was here in the city to help my daughter celebrate her graduation from Sussex University with a first-class degree in zoology.

What a gilded corner of Empire!

The ceremony had been cancelled last year due to Covid-19. We had just recovered from a bout ourselves just a week earlier, caught at a crowded Paris concert. At the graduation ceremony there were few of us wearing masks in the auditorium. The event was excellent, well organised, and went off like clockwork. I only hope the variants-of-interest were also not in attendance.

Back outside the venue, in the sunshine on the promenade, music floating up from a beach café, the struggles of the pandemic, and attending university during those times, seemed very far away in the collective euphoria, celebrating hard-won success. All the hope, and expectation in the air was quite inspiring, and wonderful to see, and be a small part of.

Great things, and better times, will come!

Honestly, this is on the island of Britain. No, really!!

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