Friday 24th July, Good Day For A Give-Away…A Free Book For All

This is my book, which you can download for free all day this Friday July 24th! There are three stories between the covers, each of them set on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. A mysterious place, closer to Italy than to its Government in France and with a fiercely proud identity of its own…and, of course, dragons…

Mandorlinfiore is a story of destiny, dragons, a huge pile of gold and a stack of pancakes. A story of romance and adventure, of ghosts and ancient gods. It is a story for all ages, steeped as it is in European folk tale traditions.

What pleases an author more than anything else? Knowing there is a multitude of story-hungry readers out there in the big wide world. Readers with many different tastes when it comes to genre, but all of whom have a desire to discover.

To take a reader on a journey to explore new territories is one of the reasons why an author takes that first step alone. Knowing, hoping, that one day they will be joined by eager fellow travellers.

It took me ten years to complete this particular journey. When I started out I had little idea of where it would take me, but the view from here is pretty wonderful. I hope you think so too when you get to the last page! Enjoy, bold explorer!

About 14thcenturypoet

Author of Mandorlinfiore, an historical fantasy based on traditional Italian folk tales...
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