Dragons, Sorcerers, Kings, Princesses and Accountancy…

In ancient days it wasn’t all whizz-bang banditry and spooky goings on was it? Of course not. Accountants who could keep track of all your gold were worth their weight in it were they not? Also, bean-counters could be counted on to keep a promise made to a dragon, couldn’t they?

Based on traditional European folk tales and set on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Corsica, The Legend of Zonza is a tale that will take you through a country peopled by all manner of creatures. Some of them have faded into legend, but, if we look hard enough at the right time of year, when the stars align and the weather is kind, who knows what we will see?

The Narrow Streets of Bonifacio

Follow Mandorlinfiore, as he goes in search of his destiny, dogged by bandits, old gods, stroppy kings and mages. Wonder as he is saved by Princess Belfiore from a terrible fate involving far too many pancakes, and another, involving mackerel, poetry and a dragon.

Sir Guillaume de St Hilaire follows with a report of his visit to the island and his marvellous encounters with enchantments and, of course, bandits aplenty in his search for giants of legend.

After the knight comes Gufi the Fool, a link in a storytelling chain that goes back in time through Sicily, and beyond. His roots, and other points of interest are discussed in notes on the text, while the text is illustrated with original photographs and artwork.

About 14thcenturypoet

Author of The Legend of Zonza, an historical fantasy based on traditional Italian folk tales...
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