Its Here! Mandorlinfiore, The Book, Is Done! And Its Free!

I have been dropping excerpts from Mandorlinfiore and Other Italian Folk Tales on this blog for years now, so I hope you will be pleased to know that the book is finally finished and it is ready for you to read. For free.

Written for children of all ages, and for anyone who loves traditional European folk tales, adventure and escape. I hope it was worth the wait!

From the 12th April 2020 for two days I am giving the ebook (Kindle) version away for free. All you need is the free Amazon Kindle app and the stories are yours; Mandorlinfiore, Sir Guillaume of Saint Hilaire and Gufi the Fool.

The dragon Rosa-Fury, Hector the cat and his mouse…

The first story was seeded by the original Mandorlinfiore folk tale from Abruzzo in Italy, Sir Guillaume by the cycle of medieval poems that tell of the exploits of William of Orange (who was most likely the 8th century Duc de Toulouse) and the third puts two traditional Sicilian stories (that are likely far older than Sicily) together. My Sir Guillaume is a Norman wandering knight on his way from Santiago di Compostela to Rome by ship who finds himself confronted by all manner of peculiar adventures when the captain moors for repairs and trade in the port of Bonifacio.

Mandorlinfiore is a tale of destiny and how it cannot be escaped despite interventions by rogue Kings and mustachio’d bandits, dragons and wicked pizza chefs, to name but a few. It is written in an episodic short-form of 100 chapters, the first one, A Ship Arrives, is posted right here on this blog.

Mustachio’d Bandit…

My talented daughters have provided illustrations. Above is a mustachio’d bandit, contemplating the trouble he is likely to cause, and a dragon, counting her hoard, which I have used as part of the front cover for the ebook and for the paperback (which is discounted at Lulu!). 

During the Covid-19 crisis Amazon are not shipping the paperback out of the USA, however, Lulu has the paperback available in most territories, although delivery is bound to be delayed…

So while we are all prevented from travelling anywhere except for in our imaginations, let me give you and your family a free tour of a medieval Corsica, filled with bandits and spooks, mysterious castles, dragons and danger!

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Author of Mandorlinfiore, an historical fantasy based on traditional Italian folk tales...
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