Orlando is such a fine name…

So I have summoned the courage to revise and send my story back into the land of agents to see if there might be someone out there who might share my enthusiasm for myth, legend, dragons and bandits, magic, love and talking cats. Our hero has been renamed Orlando, as it comes close to the original, but is easier on the tongue…

This is a simple thing to do in the case of a thirty page submission, but now I will have to revisit the entire manuscript and edit to ensure it all works. The ‘find and replace’ tool in Word is a clever, but limited tool, and I am never comfortable with a thing until I have checked it with my own eyes! Indeed, the submission I sent today I have since checked again and found a typo…oh the anguish…but it is a small thing in the grand scheme.

Meanwhile, in Normandy, back in 1865, the body count is rising faster than a Spring tide and my detective is in danger of losing control of the investigation…I need to set up a noticeboard with pins and bits of string connecting victims, suspects and clues.

At the same time Hector the Cat is drinking a potion (he really shouldn’t, that old lady is a proper paid up witch) that looks suspiciously like goat’s milk…


This is not Hector, this is Jack, Hectors Great (to the power of 75) Grandson…!!!

About 14thcenturypoet

Author of Mandorlinfiore, an historical fantasy based on traditional Italian folk tales...
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