Time For Revision

I have had some real world feedback from putting my writing in front of London agencies, which has been interesting, so now I am into the task of revision and editing to make my story more reader friendly. What look like huge changes are in fact small steps in to the mainstreaming of, what will remain, an Italian folk tale. The long name, Mandorlinfiore, has gone (sadly ‘too Italian’), the new title might be ‘The Riddle of Zonza’ or it might not…the new name for our fisherman’s boy might be Armando…we shall see. Now is a time for reflection and objective re-reading…

The difficulty is that at the same time I have been getting carried away by writing about a detective in 1860s Normandy, and a talking cat stuck in a tree in Sardinia. What with the day job and the family and a construction project to deal with I guess I will enjoy the luxury of time to reflect without imposing any necessity for action…

That said, when is the best time of year to send?

About 14thcenturypoet

Author of Mandorlinfiore, an historical fantasy based on traditional Italian folk tales...
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