This is ‘True Talk’, right here. Jack Chavoor writes like a boss…

The Talking Wall

  Tino may have been a Bulldog. He showed me the secret handshake that ends with a bark. His face wasn’t hard and angry though, and neither was it chillingly blank and indifferent. His face had the look of a  grade school kid hoping he answered correctly. His speech was soft and slurred, but the cadence of it was accelerated. He was skinny and angular and made me think of the mechanical spiders in the film version of “Minority Report.”  In brief, if there was a casting call for central California gang members, Tino Reyes would not be called back.

            Most mornings I would greet him at the door; sometimes we did the Bulldog handshake and sometimes we didn’t. I had mixed feelings about the handshake. I didn’t want him to think I approved, only that I was able to acknowledge a world different from mine. I know I got…

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